Decorative Frame art Jaguar Power Animal

Decorative Frame art Jaguar Power Animal


The Meaning of the jaguar power animal symbolizes the energy of courage, sensuality and power. It symbolizes the conquest of space, caution, knowing how to act, skill and agility. The jaguar represents powerful sexual energies. Its strength helps to resolve traumas and sexual blockages, brings strength, protection, discipline and rebirth.

Have you ever thought about having a work of a power animal to decorate your environment, activating your potential, inspiring your days and transforming your space?

This decorative picture printed by Alfredo Maffei's work is perfect to decorate your bedroom, living room, office, apartment and home, in addition to the archetype of the animal that can protect and guide you.

Decorative work printed on high quality paper with the option to buy it framed. It is delivered in reinforced packaging, so that it reaches you safely.

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