Original Lioness Frame (GOLDEN QUEEN)

Original Lioness Frame (GOLDEN QUEEN)


Have you ever thought about having a work of a power animal to decorate your environment, activating your potential, inspiring your days and transforming your space?

The Meaning of the power animal Lioness symbolizes fertility, wealth, abundance, pregnancy, birth and divine feminine energy.

It embodies creativity, imagination, originality, vision, inspiration and resourcefulness.

The lioness archetype embodies the maternal energy uniting her loving mother's embrace with that of a fierce protector.

This original work by Alfredo Maffei is perfect for decorating your bedroom, living room, office, apartment and home, and the lioness archetype will inspire and guide you.

It is a unique and original piece created by the power of intuition. The work is painted with acrylic paint on canvas, the size is 115x140cm.

Artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

For special projects and customized measures contact us: contato@alfredomaffei.com